10 New Year Resolution Ideas for 2017

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Well the time has come when we think about how we are going to focus our intention over the next year or the things we would like to do with our lives our precious time.One of the great ways to do that is to set some new year’s resolutions or simply create new habits and some daily actions and things that you really want to do in regular basis.

So I thought it would be fun to compile a list of 25 New Year resolutions that you can use as inspiration for your own planning.

  1. Get paid for your passion

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Yes you have heard it right, if you have a zeal for something then why not turn it into cash, though one’s intention should not be solely to earn but share and spread his passion and let others grow.

So what you can do is jot down all the list of skills, habits you have specialty in and try and work on them over a year whilst you make earning from it.

Ex – if you are good at playing guitar , think you have  decent skills and confidence that you can  turn you passion to cash and also let other learn from you , then start taking guitar classes, start from your basement but accomplish your resolution(Be a Soloprenuer).

  1. Learn party tricks, magic tricks
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A big part to surprise everyone at a New Year party or may be on Easter gathering in 2017 is to learn some really cool party tricks or small scale magic tricks.

Learning them will a be a lot fun and doing them will be even more cool. Make sure you at least learn a new party trick every week and grab that much needed attention in a party where you don’t know that many people.

  1. Start writing a dairy

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To begin with start writing something positive that happened every single day to you, this is the best proven way to slowly shift your attitude to positive things and learn how to tackle situations on a daily basis, when you get hold of it you will feel that you keep account of all good days you met with and also how you tackled the depressing days as well. Once you start positive you will feel that you can extract positivity of every single thing that happens to you daily, as they say the universe will keep surprising you so better be prepared.

    4. Start volunteering

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Get hold of friends or family members  somewhere every single month , it really does not matter who you do it with or if you do it with different people every month but I believe it is great to have that experience of doing something good for the world together.

  1. Learn a new language

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By learning a new language I am not asking you to mater a new language , but simply pick phrases or words and try them out in a new language every week .

I would personally pick phrases of wishes like food morning , have a nice day and learn all that phrase’s every week and by the end of the year I would have 52 new phrases to greet people with

  1. Donate 10 dollar a month.

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Charity is an important part in ones life and one must always try to bling with the least one can do .if you wish not to donate a dollar then try out a random act of kindness each month , this method only requires your time and effort

  1. Incorporate digital sabbatical day

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Pick any day of the month and have a complete screen free digital sabbatical for the entire day. I need not stress more on the adverse effects of digital revolution , how it clogs and clutters our brain so why not try a day free of digital technology and let our thoughts and creativity wander

     8. find new places
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Pick up new places that you have never been to and then look for travel deals and lern about travel tricks so that you can actually go this year.

    9. start a podcast

Just like an book podcast , invite your friends and family for an audio podcast , you will realize learning and sharing was never so easy before.

  1. Create a vision board

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I remember one successful entrepreneur had taught me this , the idea was simple and worth trying

Create a vision board  for the upcoming year , list all the skills and things you wish to do upcoming year. Once you prepare your board prepare your virtual CV the plan is to add the skills and knowledge you gained to your cv and make sure that you keep increasing or adding new skills to your CV. This is a fantastic way to build you own personal CV.

Ex- if you pursuing computer science start from freshmen year and build a virtual CV, make sure you achieve all things / skills you mentioned in the CV by the end of the graduation year and bam! By the end of the course you have your own professional CV.

The main objective is to plan before hand what you wish to learn and accomplish it whilst you progress

Ex-learn all languages by the end of 4 years or learn Photoshop or complete Microsoft office




Hi , I am an aspiring Entrepreneur and i love blogging.I usually write in domains of life skills and guides.

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