How to win a conversation With easy to follow Steps

learn how to win conversation without getting nervous.

I feel like one of the biggest life skills in the world is how you deal with people , how you are able to have a conversation with absolutely anyone even if you have met them for the first time in your life.

In this post I will be sharing a few easy to follow tips which you can apply and win over any situation

  1. Get the required Attention

Before we get into it we need to understand from the research that humans are hardwired to be drawn to people who scatter positivism, so the first step to win a conversation is to speak positively, make people comfortable and work towards creating a level of trust, One of the ways to achieve trust is to hold a little bit of a smile while talking and believe me it works wonders.

  1. Body language

Now see I feel, maintaining body language is quite an underrated skill in this world, as a matter of fact body language is also something you can almost manipulate people with, we talked about building trust above and boom!  Maintain a good body language and you are half way through.

Based on theories, facts I have known that there are two laws which govern body language there is the good body language and the bad body language

Ex- A person who converses with folding hands, hands in the pocket is the one who is portraying himself as if he is selfish and hiding something, though it comes naturally to us but you should try to avoid it this type of body language comes under the bad one which I definitely don’t recommend

EX-2 A person who converses with a good body language is the one who uses his hands to express himself , scientifically when you use hands while talking , it gives the other party an impression that you are more confident .

One thing which is often considered beneficial is to expose your palms as much as you can to the significant others , it’s been known doing so will significantly improve the way the message is delivered ,I have never tried it before but do tell me if this works in the comment box below

  1. Be interactive

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The way you get hold of a conversation is you need to dominate it, you could easily do so by interacting through questions, asking for a feedback, it gives the impression that you care for the person which will in turn increase the trust level.

  1. Never judge

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This sort of thing occurs mostly when you are having a conversation with a complete stranger, remember everyone has their own stories , and you need to understand  that when they throw stories at you , you just need to catch what is good for you and rather not judge someone by what they are saying .Try to be  as open-minded as possible , have the ability to accept what the stranger is saying , when you do so you will realize that you will be remembered by people when you kind of don’t judge them straight.

Lastly people will almost forget what you told them but will never forget how you made them feel ,so if you try to have a conversation where in you make people comfortable by not judging them and  you yourself being friendly then people will definitely remember you and your network will build.

If you are successful in building a network that means you have won over a conversation.

I definitely hope that you will try these easy to follow tips and try to interact with us via social media .

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    Very helpful and now i will be able to win a conversation 🙂 thnq.

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    Every thing is cover in those 4 points thanks for sharing this and great workkk

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      Thanks Muzammil, Hope you imply the 4 points and benefit from it .

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      Thnx Abdul


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